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Sustainable boating with Rim Drive Technology

Sustainable boating with Rim Drive Technology

Want to sail, without wasting exhaust fumes in the process? Then our electric motors are ideal for you. This is because our motors are 100% electric and completely silent. By going electric as soon as possible, you will be prepared for the future. Think of legislations or petrol what is rising in price. Of course, […]

New bow thruster products

Blog 06 New bow thruster products

We are always looking for new possibilities to provide more and better products to our customers. With a wide range of boat sizes and applications, offering a variety of bow thrusters sizes ensures optimal performance and efficiency. Behind the scenes, we have designed several products belonging to the bow thruster. First, the bow thruster box. […]

Maintenance free technology

Maintenance - free technology

Because we have spent many years researching the best motor, which offers the ultimate experience for the customer, we have developed an motor that is almost maintenance-free. A Rim Drive contains it’s electric winding in the outer (stator) housing. This housing is casted to avoid any use of sealings. The inner housing which contains the […]

Offer comprehensive system

Maintenace - free technology

In order to provide the customer with a total solution for their application, we can offer our customers a total system. Our total system consists of several product categories, this ranges from our electric rim drive motors to batteries, throttles and all accessories. For boat builders, we provide an easy-to-assemble package that consists of a plug […]

Rim Drive Technology CO2 neutral for 2024!

With our products we aim to create an amazing experience on the water without causing harm to the environment. Sailing without noise. Besides not disturbing nature, the experience of your passengers is much more pleasant. Birds are not scared away and you can fully experience the surroundings in absolute silence. The emission of an electric […]

Revolutionizing Power: The Arrival of the 75kW Motor

Developing 75kW electric rim drive motor

We are always looking for new possibilities to provide more and better products to our customers.With a wide range of boat sizes and applications, offering a variety of motor sizes ensures optimal performance and efficiency. A 75kW electric motor is currently in development, promising enhanced efficiency and eco-friendly navigation. This innovation marks a significant stride […]

Mark your calendars: upcoming exhibitions Rim Drive Technology 2024

METSTRADE Amsterdam team foto 2023

We’ve accomplished a great deal this past year. The exhibitions we participated in were successful, allowing us to connect with countless of businesses. Encouraged by these positive experiences, we are looking forward with excitement to the exhibitions of 2024, anticipating on new networking opportunities and collaborations. We will attend the following exhibitions in 2024: Networking […]

A new generation of boat displays

Foto nieuwe display

In the past, we’ve noticed a demand for more customization options in our displays, that’s why we are excited to introduce our newest generation of displays! With larger screen sizes, improved brightness settings and customizable features, our newest displays will elevate your experience on open waters. Introducing our new display sizesOne of the features are […]

The advantages of a Rim Drive Technology bow thruster box

Bow thruster box

Innovation and quality drives our business, always pushing ourselves to realize better solutions for our customers. Our bow thruster boxes show these core values, delivering performance, durability, silence, and we are excited to talk about them. Convenient and service on open waterAt Rim Drive Technology, we redefine convenience by offering replacement and service options even […]

Introducing Rim Drive Technology installation and service videos

repair rim drive POD motor

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and to enhance your experience, we’ve created a series of installation and service videos which provide our customers with a clear step-by-step guide. Our goal is to simplify the process of installing and repairing our products, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Showcased at METSTRADE 2023We have already shown […]

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