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Understand the advantages of a rim drive

A rim drive motor has a very high efficiency and an immediate acceleration response, this in combination with the stepless controlling will provide you highest feeling of maneuverability. 

Almost every alternative competitive motor is having a central axis, something which is very sensitive for ropes, weed and fishing nets. The fact of not having a center axis is limiting the chance of materials which get stuck in the propeller.

By designing our motors we have set the goal to minimize the installation- and service costs for our users. By having just one rotating part we have achieved limited maintenance costs. In addition, there are no wearing parts in our motors and the motors are fully water lubricated.

For operating the motor no oils are required which could potentially damage the environment. Due to its compact and lightweight design it is even possible to install it in the smallest compartments.

The possibility of individual programming allows motor to be tailor-made for the application. To make sure that every boat owner can install our products each product is salt water resistant. In addition to this all motors are classified by a IP68 rating.

The configuration of our engines

Our engines can be used as the main drive for pleasure craft such as sloops, kayaks, dingys, and sailboats. Our engines can also be used as a backup drive or bow thruster for motorized vessels. As a propulsion engine, we offer the following configurations: outboard, POD or rotary pod engine. In addition, the engines are used for (unmanned) research vessels with surving & positioning purposes.

Our motors are available in the following versions: 0.5kW, 3.0kW, 5.0kW, 11.0kW, 15.0kW, 25.0kW and 30.0kW.


Easy installation for under hull mounting options with optimal performance.


All bow thrusters are rated for continuous runtimes, combined with easy installation due to compact form factor.


An azimuth propulsion motor is a configuration placed in pods that can be rotated to any horizontal angle, making a rudder unnecessary.


A powerful outboard motor for larger motor boats. Consists of a unit that includes the motor, electronics and steering mechanism.

Batteries with a high energy density

A rim drive battery has a high energy density for a longer battery running in relation to the battery size, this in combination with high discharge capacity will provide you a long sailing time. Each battery is produced in a way that these are powerful and reliable. Our lightweight batteries use the latest technology for incredible weight savings. Due to the minimal dimensions, the battery can be used for many applications.

The smart design is making it easy for you to use the battery. In addition, our batteries are maintenance-free, so no service attention is required.

Accessories for the optimal experience

In order to provide the customer with a total solution, we offer accessories. All throttles are designed, produced and tested by ourselves. In addition, we offer a throttle cable set with a length of 2 to 10 m. The battery monitor is there to display relevant information such as battery status. We also offer safety products such as an key- and kill switch to make the system safer and more user-friendly.

Finally, we offer fuses to protect you against overload and short circuit. These fuses come together with a fuse holder.

Blogs to keep up to date

These business blogs discuss developments within the industry and the company. Collaborations such as the R&D collaboration project and the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge are announced below. In addition, trade fair participations are announced and shared to introduce people to our brand and products. In the year 2022 and 2023, we will be exhibiting more and more at trade fairs. For example, Rim Drive Technology was an exhibitor at the METSTRADE and the Dubai International Boat Show.

Finally, new products such as the 25kW and the 50kW motor are announced in our blogs.

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Metstrade 22

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