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A new generation of boat displays

In the past, we’ve noticed a demand for more customization options in our displays, that’s why we are excited to introduce our newest generation of displays! With larger screen sizes, improved brightness settings and customizable features, our newest displays will elevate your experience on open waters.

Introducing our new display sizes
One of the features are the introduction of larger screen sizes, available in 5, 7, and 9 inches, giving you more options. Whether you like it compact or prefer a bigger screen, there’s something for everyone.

Improved sunlight readability
No more struggling with glare! Our newest displays guarantee optimal readability even under the bright sunlight, addressing a common concern on open waters. You can now confidently navigate your boat in any lighting condition.

Personalized interface
Our newest displays are designed for efficient multitasking, with advanced features such as changeable screen brightness, detailed navigation and engine performance. Additionally, the customizable interface allows you to personalize your dashboard, to make it you’re own.

More information about the new generation displays?
In case you would like to receive information about specifications, prices, or anything else, we would like to ask you to contact our sales team via or +31 (0) 85 482 48 55.

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