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Maintenance free technology

Because we have spent many years researching the best motor, which offers the ultimate experience for the customer, we have developed an motor that is almost maintenance-free.

A Rim Drive contains it’s electric winding in the outer (stator) housing. This housing is casted to avoid any use of sealings. The inner housing which contains the magnetics is also potted to avoid any internal corrosion. The bearing system is water lubricated and will last for thousands of hours by normal use. And because of the shaftless design, our product will never suffer from stuck fishing nets, plastic or other products that can cause your engine to seize.

A Rim Drive consists of only one rotating part which reducethe amount of maintenance.
the moment service is still required, it can in most cases be solved by yourself, through our animation videos.

Our electric motor service is effortless; a propeller, inlet/outlet ring, or anode can be replaced in under 2 minutes with our explainer animation.

If you are interested in our products; you can always visit our website for datasheets, STEP files and manuals, contact our sales team at: or +31 (0) 85 482 48 55.

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