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Offer comprehensive system

In order to provide the customer with a total solution for their application, we can offer our customers a total system. Our total system consists of several product categories, this ranges from our electric rim drive motors to batteries, throttles and all accessories.

For boat builders, we provide an easy-to-assemble package that consists of a plug and play system that is easy to integrate into any boat. And for the end user it is a product that consists of few compartments making it easy to repair.  We offer a wide range of accessories which increases the user friendliness of our motors. To provide the best customer experience, our accessories work efficiently with all our rim drive products.

Purchasing a total system package for your application offers our customers numerous advantages. First, it ensures compatibility between different components, guaranteeing optimal performance and efficiency. This is because all of our products are tested with each other. This means that we are committed to the quality of our products. By purchasing all the necessary components in one package, customers no longer need to buy individual parts, saving time and effort. Furthermore, choosing a complete system package with us includes comprehensive support services, such as help with installation through our explainer animations and manuals.

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