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Rim Drive Technology CO2 neutral for 2024!

With our products we aim to create an amazing experience on the water without causing harm to the environment. Sailing without noise. Besides not disturbing nature, the experience of your passengers is much more pleasant. Birds are not scared away and you can fully experience the surroundings in absolute silence.

The emission of an electric motor is zero. You are propelled cleanly and without any environmental impact. Our organization actively contributes to a sustainable world and SDG’s by developing innovative solutions for environmental challenges.

To continue where other companies lag behind, we want to compensate other CO2 emissions.
We decided to take the next step, compensating all CO2 emissions from our buildings. The team from Trees for All supported us to achieve this objective. Our monthly donation allows Treesforall to plant trees in one of their certified projects.

Today we received the official certificate

In case you would like to receive information about specifications, prices, or anything else, we would like to ask you to contact our sales team via or +31 (0) 85 482 48 55.

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