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A new generation of boat displays

Foto nieuwe display

In the past, we’ve noticed a demand for more customization options in our displays, that’s why we are excited to introduce our newest generation of displays! With larger screen sizes, improved brightness settings and customizable features, our newest displays will elevate your experience on open waters. Introducing our new display sizesOne of the features are […]

The advantages of a Rim Drive Technology bow thruster box

Bow thruster box

Innovation and quality drives our business, always pushing ourselves to realize better solutions for our customers. Our bow thruster boxes show these core values, delivering performance, durability, silence, and we are excited to talk about them. Convenient and service on open waterAt Rim Drive Technology, we redefine convenience by offering replacement and service options even […]

Introducing Rim Drive Technology installation and service videos

repair rim drive POD motor

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and to enhance your experience, we’ve created a series of installation and service videos which provide our customers with a clear step-by-step guide. Our goal is to simplify the process of installing and repairing our products, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Showcased at METSTRADE 2023We have already shown […]

Improved packaging

Proper packaging material plays a crucial role in safeguarding electric motors for boats. With the increasing adoption of electric propulsion systems in the marine industry, the significance of reliable packaging cannot be overstated. Investing in high-quality packaging material for electric boat motors ensures their safe arrival and optimal performance, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and long-term reliability. […]

Reference projects

In order to provide customers, the perfect fit for their application we realized highly configurable products which can be used for many applications. We offer products for four different markets: Our motors can be used as the main drive for pleasure crafts such as sloops, kayaks, dingys and sailboats. In addition to this the motors […]

Accessories for the optimal experience

We want to support our customers from start to finish. To realize this, we offer a wide range of accessories which increases the user friendliness of our motors. Below you can find the most common accessories used by Rim Drive Technology clients. We also offer clients the option of individual programming, systems can be tailored-made […]

Batteries with a high energy density

The high durability, combined with no maintenance costs and affordable pricing makes these batteries a perfect candidate for those who wish to be powered electric. A rim drive battery has a high energy density for a longer battery running time in relation to the battery size, this in combination with high discharge capacity will provide […]

Quality is our highest priority

Quality is our top priority. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, our production is located in the Netherlands. There are a number of reasons why Rim Drive Technology chooses to keep production in the Netherlands: – We want to meet the changes in the market. More and more customers are asking for […]

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