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Reference projects

In order to provide customers, the perfect fit for their application we realized highly configurable products which can be used for many applications. We offer products for four different markets:

Our motors can be used as the main drive for pleasure crafts such as sloops, kayaks, dingys and sailboats. In addition to this the motors can also be used as a secondary drive or bow thruster for motorized vessels. As a propulsion engine, we offer the following configurations: outboard, POD or steerable pod engine.

The seconds market is the commercial marine. In case you need to move heavy weight ferries, work pontoons or any type of work boat a rim drive motor is the best solution. Due to the extremely high torque and high acceleration, it isn’t a problem to install the motors on this type of applications.

Thirdly, our motors can be used as the main drive for (unmanned) research vessels with surveying & positioning purposes. The immediateacceleration response combined with the stepless control system provides you with the highest feeling of maneuverability.

Finally, our motors can be used for subsea applications such as submarines and ROVs. All our subsea motors are standard rated for a depth of 50 msw but can easily be upgraded for a depth of 3000 msw by using special manufacturing techniques. Due to a compact and lightweight design the effect on the buoyancy of the craft will be limited.

If you are interested in our products; you can always visit our website for datasheets, STEP files and manuals or contact our sales team at:

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