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SmartSHUNT – 1000A

Battery monitoring system with N2K support, configurable via WiFi, shows SOC, consumed Ah, remaining Ah, Current, Voltage and 3 additional temperatures. 1x temperature sensor included in the package. 3 battery banks, 60VDC, 1000A Shunt device. Suitable for various voltages (12V, 24V, 32V, 36V, 48V). All using your smartphone.
Accurate monitoring meaning integrated highly accurate monitoring sensors to deliver best performance. The SmartSHUNT is easy to configure. Configure it via built-in WiFi easily accessible by QR code or through LXNAV E-series devices. The SmartSHUNT is a cost effective device. Save for the price of separated devices for monitoring.



Easy to install

Eco-friendly design


Product details

  • Product number: 300004713
  • Warranty terms: two years for non-commercial use and one year for commercial use
  • Delivery terms: ex works
  • Multiple Temperature Inputs
  • Multiple Voltage Inputs
  • Multiple alert types
  • Voltage up to 65V
  • Low power consumption
  • Support for various batteries (Lead Acid, Gel, AGM, liFePo)
  • IP64 Protection

Do I need a battery monitor?

– Technically you do not need a battery monitor to use the system. However, in this case there is no way of knowing how much charge you have left within the batteries. By not knowing how long you could continue can cause a phenomenon known as “range anxiety”. Thus, we always advise to either include a battery monitor or a display which can show the battery charge level.

Which type of battery monitors are available?

– Several different types of battery monitors are available with differing complexities and features. Please see the brochures for more details.

How do I install a battery monitor?

– Please see the installation manual of your specific battery monitor for instructions.

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