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Smart steering system

Steering with twin motors without rudders and additional steering mechanism. Rotation on location. A magnetic compass with LED indicator. A speed button with LED indicator and a joystick with algorithm to control twin motor system.



Easy to install

Eco-friendly design


Product details

  • Product number: 300004257
  • Warranty terms: two years for non-commercial use and one year for commercial use
  • Delivery terms: ex works
  • Magnetic compass
  • Speed function
  • Joystick CAN controller
  • 12V power supply unit

Do I need a throttle control?

– In order to control the thrust coming from the rim drive, a type of input is required. This input can either be by using a throttle control to give manual inputs or by using a system controller to make the system remote controlled or autonomous. However, the system controller is not something offered due to the highly specialized use cases. Therefore, within normal circumstances a throttle control is needed.

Which type of throttle controls do exist?

– Within the current product range, a variety of types are available. For a single motor three options exist, a single top mounted, a side mounted and an extended single. The major difference between the top mounted and the side mounted is the orientation in in which they are used. A top mounted is located on top of the control panel, while a side mounted is located on the left or right side of the control housing. For a fully integrated option, a extended single is available. This is a top mounted variant with a key switch, LED and battery monitor all housed within making it easy to install and mount. – For dual or more motor implementations, two types exist. The double top mounted throttle and the double extended top mounted throttle. Between the two only three differences exists, namely the possibility for installing a battery monitor, LED and key switch within the throttle body.

How do I install a throttle control?

– The installation of a throttle control is relatively straight forward. First pick a location to mount, then make a set of holes as specified in the manual, then feed through the cables. Next the throttle can be secured using M8 bolts, after which the +(RED), -(Black), and signal (Blanc) can be connected to the motor controller. Please see the specific manual for the motor controller to which these should be connected.

What output signal do the throttles provide?

– All offered throttles give an analogue signal between 0.5V and 4.5V. – On request this can be offered with a PWM signal.

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