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Charger 48V 3300W

The battery chargers we offer are meticulously crafted to optimize the performance of our batteries. The LF model is specifically designed for LFP type Lithium batteries, ensuring a precise and efficient charging process.

These chargers are built to withstand the elements with an IP67 sealed design, making them suitable in a harsher outdoor environment. With the ability to endure higher humidity and a wider temperature range, these chargers excel in durability. While the electronics are completely sealed for protection, it’s important to note that the fan is not shielded, so it’s recommended to use the charger in a protected area, especially in conditions of rain and heavy dust.

Versatile and adaptable, the chargers can be adjusted for maximum output current, allowing for customization of the AC-input current. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with wall outlets with lower fuse ratings. Whether in a boat, vehicle, or outdoor setting, the Battery Charger ensures a reliable and tailored charging experience for your lithium batteries.



Easy to install

Eco-friendly design


Product details

  • Product number: 300004275
  • Warranty terms: two years for non-commercial use and one year for commercial use
  • Delivery terms: ex works
  • Nominal voltage: 48V
  • Charging voltage: 58.4V
  • Charging power: 3300W
  • Dimensions: 350x188x99mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Max. charge current (A): 50
  • IP-rating: 67

Which charger should I pick?

– The capacity required for your application is dependant on the total battery capacity and the acceptable charging time. This can be calculated by dividing your total capacity by the charger capacity. However, if you have less than a day of capacity then you may require a higher powered charger. – A second point to note in regards to charger is the type rating. Make sure the charger is compatible with the battery type/chemistry to avoid dangerous situations. – For more advise to you use case please contact your dealer/service point.

Do I have to install a charger?

– Please see the installation manual for the charger. In case of any further or specific questions please contact your dealer/service point.

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