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Standard bow thruster 15.0

Unleash power with a maximum input of 15.0kW and a 48V nominal voltage, achieving over 90% efficiency. Immediate acceleration sets it apart, while a compact and lightweight design makes this product truly ideal for the most space-conscious installations. With only one rotating part, maintenance is minimized. Enjoy the symmetric motors for optimal integration. Plus, all motors are completely waterproof with an IP68 rating, achieved by completely casting the motor not by using sealings. The design also minimizes risk of damage to the propeller, perfect performance in any environment.



Easy to install

Eco-friendly design


Product details

  • Product number: 300004162
  • Warranty terms: two years for non-commercial use and one year for commercial use
  • Delivery terms: ex works
  • Nominal current: 300A
  • Nominal voltage: 48V
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Propeller diameter: 212mm
  • Outside diameter: 290mm
  • Motor length: 145mm
  • IP Class: IP68
  • Static thrust: 195kg
  • Salt water resistant: Yes
  • Motor controller included: Yes

Could I use the motor in combination with a third party battery?

– Technically the motor could be used with any battery as long as this can provide the necessary power. However, we are able to offer one of the lowest prices per Watt-hour available. – Lithium batteries offer more performance per unit of weight then lead-acid batteries. – In case you are not convinced by RDT batteries, we still advise to contact your dealer/service point to make sure the correct batteries are selected.

Could I use the Rim Drive in a salt water environment?

– All materials are carefully selected to maintain optimal performance and endurance. However, this requires the use of an anode to protect the motor. For additional instructions please see the manual of the motor.

How can I make sure to pick the right motor for my application?

– Our sales team/engineers are able to work with you to select the right motor. With first hand knowledge of use cases and on our experiences we can be sure to advise the correct motor.

Is the installation of the motor difficult?

– Installing a rim drive motor is relatively easy and can if desired be delivered configured as a plug and play system. For more detailed information on the installation, please see the manual of the motor.

How do the rim drives compare to each other?

– For an overview between the motors, please see the comparison matrix within our Service Centre.

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