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Engines for, among other things, sloops, tenders and AUVs


Motors for Pressurized Applications


Solutions in different voltages for your system


To increase safety and user- friendliness

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Absolute silence

Birds don’t fly up and you hear all the sounds around you or experience absolute silence, of course except for the splashing of the water against the boat. So you sail cleanly and do not burden the environment.

Ampera Boats
"As a sloop manufacturer we prefer to apply Rim Drive Technology products. Due to direct communication to the engineering and manufacturing department we are able to build sloops which are not accidentally fitted with electric motors but sloop designed from the ground up to incorporate electric motors."
"After a short online meeting with the sales team it was quickly made clear that this type of thruster would be a perfect fit. We were very well advised on our requirements for thrust and we got to see the different thrusters on webcam. This was a huge help in visualizing the size and fitment of the thruster. The order process was smooth and the thruster was delivered very quickly and well packaged."
Faro Boats
"The Faro5 is a true work of art in terms of design. The propulsion system of Rim Drive Technology makes it a benchmark in terms of efficiency and sustainability. Great work!"
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Extremely high torque

These motors can produce high torque, a valued feature among the owners of heavier boats. Combined with fast response time, and saltwater compatibility rim-drive motors can be equipped in many applications. 





Simplified but better

A rim drive motor is the most simplified motor design which is ever made. But don’t confuse simplified with less powerful.

Minimal dimensions

Choose a rim drive motor and use the additional space for more batteries to realize easily a 8-hour run time capability.

Low maintance

A rim drive motor has only one rotating part which reduce the amount of maintenance. Enjoy the rim drive motor to the fullest.

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