Quality is our highest priority

Quality is our top priority. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, our production is located in the Netherlands. There are a number of reasons why Rim Drive Technology chooses to keep production in the Netherlands:

– We want to meet the changes in the market. More and more customers are asking for customization. Our individual capabilities allow motors to be tailor-made for the customer’s application.
– We strive to achieve our production process constant to complete quality control. Not only is the production quality higher here, the monitoring of the quality is also a lot easier.
– Finally, more companies are asking for sustainably produced products. The production and development of products in the Netherlands has a demonstrably lower environmental impact.

If you are interested in our products; you can always visit our website for datasheets, STEP files and manuals or contact our sales team at: sales@rimdrivetechnology.nl.

Team Rim Drive Technology

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