Rim Drive Technology was founded in 2019 and is located in Andelst. We develop and manufacture electric motors from 0.5 to 50kW for industrial, commercial and subsea applications.
In order to provide customers the perfect fit for their application we realized highly configurable products which can be used for many applications.

As a propulsion motor we offer the following configurations up to 50kW: POD, bow thruster, steerable POD and outboard.


To expand our sales network, we are operating in more and more markets in different countries.
Our engines are now sold all over the world and more and more people are experiencing the power of electric boating. We are proud that our motors continue to be part of countless projects and applications around the world. Only together we can make the world sustainable.


Quality is our top priority. In order to guarantee the quality of our products, our production is located in the Netherlands.  We strive to achieve our production process constant to complete quality control. Not only is the production quality higher here, the monitoring of the quality is also a lot easier.

In addition, more companies are asking for sustainably produced products. The production and development of products in the Netherlands has a demonstrably lower environmental impact.


Recurring customers




Technology partnerships



‘After a short online meeting with the sales team it was quickly made clear that this type of thruster would be a perfect fit. We were very well advised on our requirements for thrust and we got to see the different thrusters on webcam. This was a huge help in visualizing the size and fitment of the thruster. The order process was smooth and the thruster was delivered very quickly and well packaged.’

Ampera boats

‘As a sloop manufacturer we prefer to apply Rim Drive Technology products. Due to direct communication to the engineering and manufacturing department we are able to build sloops which are not accidentally fitted with electric motors but sloop designed from the ground up to incorporate electric motors.’