The Benefits of Electric Propulsion Systems

The Benefits of Electric Propulsion Systems

More and more boat owners are choosing for electric propulsion. However, there still is a large group of owners with doubts. We are confident that electrically propelled boats are going to be more commonplace instead of specials. This is due to governments closing more areas to petrol /diesel powered boats.

The Netherlands is among the first countries to implement regulation banning petrol and diesel propelled boats from certain areas such as Giethoorn and from 2025 also Amsterdam. This requires the propulsion to be electric, with in the future  it is expected that more areas will follow these regulations. Besides being mandatory through regulation, electric propulsion has more advantages:

  • Sailing without noise. Besides not disturbing nature, the experience of your passengers is much more pleasant. Birds are not scared away and you can fully experience the surroundings in absolute silence, well except for the water moving around the hull.
  • The response time of an electric motor is much lower. When the throttle is applied, an almost instantaneous response can be felt. With petrol and diesel, a delay is present between throttle input and motor response.
  • The emission of an electric motor is zero. You are propelled cleanly and without an environmental impact.
  • Minimal vibrations in the steering. Without the vibrations generated from combustion, the experience of steering the vessel is much more pleasant and less exhausting.
  • Electric motors are built using  state of the art techniques. Thanks to the application of modern technology and the reduction of moving parts, can maintenance be minimized.
  • The design of electric motors can use smaller and lightweight components. This reduces the system weight and allows for compact designs.

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