Rim Drive Outboard Motor Enables for Easy And Flexible Mounting

Rim Drive Outboard Motor Enables for Easy And Flexible Mounting

Until now our rim drive motor was always mounted as a fixed pod. However, we noticed that our clients wanted more flexibility in mounting options. In order to meet our customers demands, we are proud to announce that we as the first company in the world to make a commercially available, outboard motor system with integrated rim drive motor.

We were able to achieve this due to our core business being rim drive motors, which resulted in an easy step to make an outboard system. By using our experience and knowledge of rim drive motors, we were able to develop this system to perfectly meet the motor characteristics.

This outboard system has several significant benefits over traditional outboard motors:

  • Fully electric system which results in no pollution or noise.
  • The used rim drive motors are extremely strong and have an instantaneous response.
  • Rim drive motors are an axle less design. This results in a significantly lower change of seizing the motor due to ropes, nets or other subsurface objects.

Finally our engineering department has tried to optimized the dimensions in order to keep these to a minimum. While still maintaining full functionality and all user comforts. 

  • The motor controller is integrated within the housing on top of the outboard system.
  • The mandatory kill switch is installed¬† to maximize user safety.
  • An LED is mounted to show the status of the motor/motor controller.

If you are interested to know more about our outboard systems, please visit the product page on our website or contact our sales team via sales@rimdrivetechnology.nl

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